Elvira Barboza is born in Buenos Aires but emigrates to Madrid when she is three years old, as her family is exiled during the Argentinian dictatorship.

She studies cinema at Madrid’s Universidad Complutense and chooses to move to Paris’ Université de Saint Denis for the last year of her degree. Here she makes her first short film, TRAITS, an experimental movie in 16mm.

She starts working at Duboi, a postproduction company, in the special effects department. Later on she turns to editing, and begins a career as a freelance editor.
In 2004 she attends a Commedia dell’Arte acting workshop run by Carlo Boso, where the emphasis is placed in improvisation. Here she starts to act and participate in plays created collectively.

She then decides to further explore the principles of improvisation and playfulness, this time applying them to film. RED OR WHITE ? is born out of the challenge of making a movie in three days, as proposed by Kino K de Saint-Ouen. This adventure leads her to think of movie-making as if it were an “exquisite corpse”, a process drawn by playfulness and a sense of fun that puts everyone’s imagination at the service of the story.